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Mariana Jewelry - Africa Collection Sets

Posted on April 18, 2017 | 0 comments

Our Mariana Africa jewelry pieces have arrived with hundreds of new styles in fresh colors and designs. This latest spring/summer collection was inspired by Mariana's travels and captures all the wonder, vibrancy, and dramatic beauty of wild Africa!

We've complied some of our favorites sets for a visual catalog of each colorway. For Mariana Jewelry pricing information or to special order a piece, please email us at: sales@regencies.com



Mariana Jewelry - Congo #1076:
Antiqued silver plate. Swarvoski crystals and stones in Pacific Blue, Turquoise, Chrysolite, Green, Blue Teal, and Apple Green Calcite.

Necklace 3252 M1076sp $111.00
Earrings 1029 1076sp6 $60.00
Bracelet 4173/3 M1076sp $120.00

Mariana Jewelry Africa Congo Necklace Bracelet Earrings



Mariana Jewelry - Masai #1077:
Antiqued silver plate. Blue Teal, Sun Red, Sunset Orange, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise, and Fuchsia Swarovski elements.

Necklace 33044/1 M1077sp $191.00
Earrings 1514/3 1077sp6 $55.00
Bracelet 4416 M1077sp $138.00

Mariana Jewelry Africa Masai Necklace Bracelet Earrings



Mariana Jewelry - Kalahari #1078:
Matte rose gold plate. Swarovski Crystals: Golden Shadow, Light Peach, White Opal, Clear Crystal, Nude Czech Crystal and Pearl, including Semi-Precious Stones: Riverstone and White Shell.

Necklace 3044/1 m1078rg $191.00
Earrings 1210 1078mr6 $97.00
Bracelet 4099 1078mr $157.00

Mariana Jewelry Africa Kalahari Necklace Bracelet Earrings



Mariana Jewelry - Serengeti #1079:
Sunset, Sun red, Turquoise, Coral, Light Blue, and Orange Swarovski crystals.

Necklace 3252 M1079sp $111.00
Earrings 1514/3 M1079sp6 $55.00
Bracelet 4045/2 M1079sp $136.00

Mariana Jewelry Africa Serengeti Necklace Bracelet Earrings



Mariana Jewelry - Zulu #1080:
Swarovski Crystals: Clear Crystal, Silver Night, Pearl, and Grey Czech Crystal, including Semi-Precious Stones: Pyrite and White Shell.

Necklace 3505/1 1080sp $237.00
Earrings 1032/4 1080sp6 $87.00
Bracelet 4505 1080sp $141.00

Mariana Jewelry Africa Zulu Necklace Bracelet Earrings



Mariana Jewelry - Zanzibar #1081:
Swarovski Crystals: Jet, Clear Crystal, Black Diamond and Silver Night, including Semi-Precious Stones: Turquoise and White Shell.

Necklace 5050 M1081sp $129.00 

Mariana Jewelry Africa Zanzibar Necklace Bracelet Earrings



Mariana Jewelry - Zambezi #1082:
Swarovski Crystals: Light Turquoise, Aquamarine, Caribbean Blue Opal and Aqua Cat Eye, including Semi-Precious Stones: Turquoise.

Necklace 3045/1 M1082sp $191.00
Earrings 1129 m1082sp6 $42.00
Bracelet 4252 m1082sp $74.00

Mariana Jewelry Africa Zambezi Necklace Bracelet Earrings



Mariana Jewelry - Madagascar #1083:
Swarovski Crystals: Light Rose, Silver Night, Denim Blue and Indian Sapphire, including Semi-Precious Stones: Snowflake Obsidean.

Necklace 3084 1083sp $191.00
Earrings 1129 1141 1083sp6 $56.00
Bracelet 4084 1083sp $136.00

Mariana Jewelry Africa Madagascar Necklace Bracelet Earrings

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2017 Mariana Spring/Summer Catalog - AFRICA Now Available!

Posted on February 03, 2017 | 2 comments
2017 Mariana Spring / Summer Catalog - Africa2017 Mariana Spring / Summer Catalog - Africa

The 2017 Mariana Spring/Summer Catalog, called "Africa" is finally available! To view the complete catalog, simply click on the two catalog photos above. As always, Mariana brings fresh new color combinations and beautiful new styles into each season's offerings. Her Africa collection was inspired by the earthy ochre tones of the African bush, stunning orange sunsets, lush green of the jungle, sand colors of the Kalahari desert and the dazzling turquoise sea of the Zanzibar coast. Mariana's latest Africa jewelry collection will fill you with exotic wonders and visual delights as the vibrantly colored pieces transport you to the wild beauty of the African landscape.

Remember that every piece can be ordered in your choice of metal plating (silver, gold, or rose gold). New pieces from Mariana's Africa collection will be arriving by mid-March, but we can also special order any piece at no additional charge. Special orders take approx. 4-8 weeks to come in as each item is made to order in Israel. 

For pricing information or to special order any Mariana jewelry piece, simply email us at: sales@regencies.com


This season's colors include (ordered chronologically with the catalog):


Mariana Jewelry - On A Clear Day #001:
Sparkling and brilliant like a crystal clear day, this color way has lots of Swarovski clear crystal, moonlight, and crystal ab tones that complement a variety of outfits from bridal to casual. 

Mariana Jewelry On A Clear Day


Mariana Jewelry - Sorbet #292:
This color combination features Fuchsia, Blues, Padparadscha, Rose and Aurore Boreale Swarovski elements. A beautiful multi color way with vibrant fuchsias, pinks, and purples.

Mariana Jewelry Sorbet


Mariana Jewelry - Cosmo #1055:
Cosmo is a beautiful mixture of Swarovski elements such as simulated glass pearls, clear crystal, crystal Aurora Boreale, air blue iridescent, white iridescent and vintage rose. These soft pastels are pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul.

Mariana Jewelry Cosmo


Mariana Jewelry - California Dreaming #1067:
California Dreaming is a pastel paradise with an absolutely gorgeous combination of fresh colors that are perfect for spring. Includes Swarovski Crystals: Rosewater, White Iridescent, Light Blue, Light Green, Purple and Vintage Rose, including Semi-Precious Stones: Riverstone, White Shell and Green Quartz. 

Mariana Jewelry California Dreaming


Mariana Jewelry - Congo #1076:
Congo features Pacific Blue, Turquoise, Chrysolite, Green, Blue Teal, Aqua, Pink Zoite and Apple Green Calcite. Pantone's 2017 color of the year is greenery (the color of mother nature), so Mariana's Congo jewelry is a wonderful set for the year as it brings freshness and vibrancy to your everyday.

Mariana Jewelry Congo


Mariana Jewelry - Masai #1077:
Masai features colors such as Blue Teal, Sun Red, Sunset Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Hyacinth, Siam and Green Swarovski elements. This vibrant collection captures all the richness, energy, and wonder of Africa!

Mariana Jewelry Masai


Mariana Jewelry - Kalahari #1078:
This neutral color palettes shines brilliantly with Swarovski glass pearls, light peach, MOP, clear, golden shadow, moon stone, and white iridescent. Kalahari will instantly bring glam to any outfit with its sparkling, warm neutral tones. For brides looking for something softer than the traditional white, the cream colors in Kalahari is perfect! This colorway is gorgeous enough for a special occasion & versatile enough for casual wear.

Mariana Jewelry Kalahari


Mariana Jewelry - Serengeti #1079:
Serengeti features colors such as Sunset, Sun red, Turquoise, Light Blue, Green and Orange Swarovski crystals. The Turquoise and Coral stones in this collection compliment each other beautifully in each handcrafted piece. There are different hues of orange which is the color of joy and friendship. Grab a piece and bring a smile to yourself or to someone special.

Mariana Jewelry Serengeti


Mariana Jewelry - Zulu #1080:
Zulu features Pyrite, Grey, MOP, Crystal Moonlight, Simulated Glass Pearl, Light Azure, Silvery Night and Clear Swarovski elements. This collection is so seductive yet sophisticated with its darker crystals. The lighter crystals and pearls add just the right touch of brightness to the beautiful black and grey elements. 

Mariana Jewelry Zulu


Mariana Jewelry - Zanzibar #1081:
Ringed by some of Africa’s best coral beaches with dazzling blue waters, Zanzibar is an island paradise. Mariana's Zanzibar jewelry collection pays tribute to this coastal gem by featuring Turquoise, Gray, Black, Silvery Night, Clear and White Shell Swarovski elements. The black, white and turquoise combination is truly stunning!

Mariana Jewelry Zanzibar


Mariana Jewelry - Zambezi #1082:
Zambezi features Air Blue, Aqua Blue, Caribbean Blue, Light Blue, Turquoise and Light Turquoise Swarovski elements. Mariana loves to express the meanings that certain colors have in all her designs. For example, Aqua Blue and Turquoise symbolize magic, power, protection and healing. These blues will have you singing with joy.

Mariana Jewelry Zambezi


Mariana Jewelry - Madagascar #1083:
Madagascar features crystal and mineral colors such as grey Tiger's Eye, Gray, Light Rose, Dusty Blue, Silvery Night, Labradorite and Grey Iridescent. Madagascar combines soothing greys with bright pinks for a ying yang look and feel - perfectly balanced and infinitely lovely.

Mariana Jewelry Madagascar


Mariana Jewelry - Forget Me Not #1329:
Forget Me Not is a truly unique color way that combines the colors of all four seasons into one collection with its fresh greens and bright blues for spring and summer, and warm browns and sunset yellows for fall and winter. It features beautiful blue & green crystals and minerals. Blue is the color of the sky and sea and is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. Mariana's color selection for the spring season is so beautifully earthy we know you will just fall in love with it! 

Mariana Jewelry Forget Me Not


Mariana Jewelry - Tequila Sunrise #2102:
Tequila Sunrise features White Iridescent, Clear Crystal, Aurore Boreale, Golden Yellow, Light Lavender and Simulated Glass Pearl Swarovski elements. This is a gorgeous color way with dazzling iridescent Swarovski crystals that reflect light beautifully. Like the name implies, Tequila Sunrise was designed to brighten your day with color and light.

Mariana Jewelry Tequila Sunrise


Mariana Jewelry - Afternoon Delight (aka Tiara Day) #2333:
Featuring Silk, Peach, Pink and White Iridescent Swarovski crystals, you will give a whole new meaning to pretty in pink! Perfect for bridesmaids jewelry, prom, homecoming or just for everyday glamour.

Mariana Jewelry Afternoon Delight


Mariana Jewelry - Bracelets in an endless array of colors and shapes 
If you can dream it, Mariana can most likely make it. She offers one of the most extensive bracelet collections in every color of the rainbow in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Each piece can be customized to your specification. It's as easy as 1-2-3: you just choose the stone color, metal color, and shape/size. 

Mariana Jewelry Bracelets


For Mariana Jewelry pricing information or to special order a piece, simply email us at: sales@regencies.com

We love hearing from you!

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Summer Sale Going On NOW!

Posted on August 12, 2016 | 0 comments

La Vie Parisienne Catherine Popesco SALE

There's much to celebrate here at Regencies!

Several items have been recently reduced for our annual Summer Sale, including the majority of our Adajio, Catherine Popesco, and Dogeared items! For 4 days only, take 15% off any order until 8/15/16, even on sale items! Use code: summersale. Not valid on past orders.

We've a new designer Patricia Locke and new collections in from your favorite brands including Catherine Popesco, Chan Luu, Kenneth Jay Lane, and Mariana.

We're also getting ready to have our 2nd baby soon as I am getting very close to my due date. We can't wait to meet our baby girl! Please allow an extra day or two for us to respond to emails/phone calls and ship out orders, although we'll try to respond as quickly as usual. Know that at this wonderful, crazy time, our customers are still the heart of our company and we sincerely appreciate your patronage and kindness.

Here's to the last beautiful days of summer - let's end it with a blast of sparkle, color, and savings!

- Heather Chau (owner and founder of Regencies.com)


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Authentic vs. Counterfeit Chan Luu Products

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As an authorized Chan Luu retailer for six years, I've seen many Chan Luu fakes and am always distressed when customers believe they received a counterfeit product, when in fact they have an authentic Chan Luu product.

To address this very serious concern, I'm complying very specific signs of authenticity that you can spot on authentic Chan Luu pieces and dispelling some misconceptions that often lead customers to question authenticity.


Chan Luu Signature vs. Trend Collections
To start, Chan Luu designs two distinct lines of bracelets: SIGNATURE and TREND.

The signature collection is Chan's more well known line and features round Swarovski crystals (unless otherwise noted), sterling silver or gold vermeil/plated components (unless otherwise noted), and an oval .925 sterling silver Chan Luu button closure

The trend collection features rondelle Chinese crystals, base metal components, and a flat round base metal Chan Luu button closure. This collection was created to offer more price friendly pieces, while maintaining Chan's distinctive designs and quality of craftsmanship. The main difference is in the components used, which result in friendlier price points. On occasion, customers who are not as familiar with Chan Luu's trend pieces will question the authenticity of their pieces because of the different button closure used.


Chan Luu Curved Oval Button vs. Flat Round Button Closure
Chan Luu distinguishes both the signature and trend collection by the button closure used. Chan's signature collection will have the iconic oval .925 sterling silver Chan Luu button closure, while Chan's trend collection will have the less well known round base metal Chan Luu button closure. Chan Luu's small kraft rectangular tags will also note whether the piece is from the signature or trend collection as shown in the photos below. 


Chan Luu Signature Vintage Jewelry Pouch and Carding
Authentic Chan Luu bracelets will also come with her signature vintage jewelry pouch and kraft square carding. The signature vintage pouches will vary with different prints, but will always have Chan Luu's signature metal or fabric tag sewn onto the front and be accompanied by her signature carding. The wording on the carding has changed slightly over the years, but has always been on a Chan Luu kraft square card. Every Chan Luu signature and trend piece will come with the signature vintage pouch and square kraft carding, as these are a hallmark of authentic Chan Luu pieces.

NOTE: Special collections, such as Chan Luu's e.f.i. and the last animals collection, are the exception here and will come on Chan Luu cards instead with no pouch.


Why does Chan Luu not advertise the flat round base metal button closure for TREND pieces?
Chan Luu advertises the curved oval button closure as their sign of authenticity, but not the flat round base metal button closure. To find out why, I reached out to Chan Luu directly and received the following explanation:

"The curved oval button is only for our signature items and the curved oval button is the only button that is trademarked.

We do use the circle button on our trend items but since this button is not trademarked we cannot create the below link for this item [they are referring to this link: https://www.chanluu.com/counterfeit-chan-luu/]. 

Management is happy to reach out to the customer to explain the difference between our signature and trend collections. And also be there to confirm any styles authenticity."

While the explanation makes sense (somewhat), it was beyond frustrating that Chan Luu does not provide a written explanation for customers regarding the different button closure used between their signature and trend lines.


Authorized Chan Luu retailers
Authorized retailers will always openly address authenticity concerns, and I've often encouraged customers to contact Chan Luu's customer service directly to validate any information I've given them. While there are a concerning number of Chan Luu counterfeit products, somewhat equally distressing is when customers believe that their authentic Chan Luu items are counterfeit. My hope is that by providing more clarification and information, the distinction between authentic and counterfeit pieces will be more clear.

If you're ever in doubt of authenticity or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at sales@regencies.com



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Chan Luu The Last Animals Collection

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Chan Luu The Last Animals
Chan Luu The Last Animals

Chan Luu has a history of supporting incredible causes and her latest The Last Animals collection is no exception. As an advocate against breast cancer and animal cruelty, she finds opportunities to give back when she can. Chan Luu's newest collection is timed to be sold in conjunction with “The Last Animals,” a documentary depicting the reality and horrors of animal poaching.

Each day rangers in Africa risk their lives protecting the last elephants and rhinos from poachers who are killing these majestic animals for their tusks and horns. Wildlife trafficking has reached such devastating proportions that their very existence is threatened.

The Last Animals Foundation was established to raise global awareness about wildlife trafficking and to support the families of fallen rangers.
25% of the net proceeds from the Chan Luu The Last Animals collection will be donated to this cause.

Each piece from this collection features 2 strands of beads and base metal components, including a beautiful elephant charm dangle. The macramé pull cord closure easily adjusts to your ideal fit, and measures approx. 6" - 9". Part of Chan Luu's TREND collection, every bracelet is very affordably priced at $50.00 and comes on an informational card display.

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