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Mariana Jewelry Collections by Color

Mariana offers an incredible array of crystal/stone color combinations. Twice a year, new colorways are added, making for an ever growing collection of colorways. I've therefore put together a visual guide showcasing all the Mariana colorways, both past and present. Mariana never retires any color, so every style can be ordered in your choice of colors.

Each photo will have a link that will show you more jewelry pieces from that collection. Please note that pieces sell out very quickly, so if you see a Mariana jewelry piece that is out of stock, don't panic. I can special order it for you! Simply email me at sales@regencies.com with either the product title, photo, or link of the piece you're looking for.

This Mariana visual color catalog will be continually updated with new colors, so please feel free to bookmark this page and check back. Colors are organized by collection/catalog (with newest catalog first). 


Adeline #1094
Black, Moonlight, Gray, Crystal AB

Mariana Jewelry Black Moonlight Golden Shadow Swarovski Crystals

Athena #1087
Turquoise, Pacific Blue, Green

Mariana Jewelry Turquoise Pacific Blue Green Swarovski Crystals

Aurora #M1093
Golden, Topaz AB, Pearls, Luminescent

Mariana Jewelry Golden Metallic Topaz AB Pearls Swarovski Crsytals

Calypso #1205
Carribean Blues, Pacific Blue, and Turquoise

Mariana Jewelry Odyssey Calypso Aqua Pacific Blue AB Swarovski Crystals

Electra #1026
Royal Blues, Purple, Heliotrope

Mariana Jewelry Electra Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Penelope #1089
Purple, Olivine, Smoked Topaz, Heliotrope

Mariana Jewelry Penelope Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Rhapsode #1092
Blue & Sand Opalescent, Golden, Pink

Mariana Jewelry Rhapsode Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Selene #1086
Multi Color, Green, Pink, Blue, Orange, Gray

Mariana Jewelry Selene Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Xenia #1091
Red, Purple, Sunset, Fuchsia

Mariana Jewelry Xenia Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Gaea #1090
Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Gray


Congo #1076
Pacific Blue, Turquoise, Green

Mariana Turquoise Pacific Blue Green Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Masai #1077
Multi Color, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange

Mariana Jewelry Masai Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Kalahari #1078
Golden Shadow, Peach, White, Pearl

Mariana Jewelry Kalahari Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Madagascar #1083
Pink Rose, Gray

Mariana Pink Rose Gray Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Serengeti #1079
Sunset, Turquoise, Orange

Mariana Turquoise Coral Orange Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Zambezi #1082
Turquoise, Aqua, Carribean Blue

Mariana Jewelry Zambezi Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Flamingo #319
Pink, Peach Rose, Purple

Mariana Jewelry Flamingo Earrings Bracelets Necklaces


Mood Indigo #1069
Montana Blue, White Opal, Crystal AB

Mariana Jewelry Mood Indigo Blue Montana Swarovski Crystal

Lady Marmalade #1075
Orange, Fuchsia, Red

Mariana Jewelry Lady Marmalade Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Black Velvet #1073
Jet Black, Gray, Peach Pink

Mariana Jet Black Gray Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

California Dreaming #1067
Pastel Multi Colors, Pink, Blue, Cream

Mariana Jewelry California Dreaming Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Kiss From A Rose #1068
Sapphire Blue, Air Blue Opal, Rose

Mariana Jewelry Kiss from a Rose Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Kokomo #1058
Blue, Green, Topaz, Yellow

Mariana Jewelry Kokomo Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Lady In Red #1070
Siam Red, Burgundy

Mariana Jewelry Lady in Red Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Moon Dance #MOL361
Moonlight, Crystal, Peach, Pale Blue

Mariana Jewelry Moon Dance Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Sandman #13970
Sand Opal, Golden Shadow, Pearl

Mariana Jewelry Sandman Earrings Bracelets Necklaces


Purple Rain #1062
Tanzanite, Violet, White Opal, Shell

Mariana Jewelry Purple Rain Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Pina Colada #1063
Pastel Multi Color, Pink Blue, Green

Mariana Jewelry Pina Colada Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Margarita #1064
Fuchsia, Pink, Turquoise Blue, White Shell

Mariana Jewelry Margartia Earrings Bracelets Necklaces

Forever #5087
Clear, White Shell, Pearl, Moonlight

Mariana Pearl Moonlight Clear Rose Gold Plated Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Moon Drops #16-3
Blue, Colorado, Champagne

Mariana Blue Colorado Champagne Plated Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Martini #215-3
Black Diamond, Blue, AB

Mariana Blue Black Diamond AB Swarovski Crystal Jewelry