Featured Product: Mariana Penelope Multi Color Swarovski Jewelry Set

 Mariana Penelope Multi Color Swarovski Jewelry Necklace Earrings Bracelet

One of my favorite new colorways from Mariana is her "Penelope" collection from the latest Odyssey catalog. It features a rich array of Swarovski multi colors in tanzanite, heliotrope, olivine, topaz ab, dusty lavender, and topaz. The collection is colorful, without being overly bright, making it easy to add subtle, yet gorgeous color to any ensemble. It also compliments a wealth of skin types from fair to dark. 

The rich Swarovski tones are befitting of the Holiday Season, when festive lights bright up dark nights. Likewise, Mariana's "Penelope" collection will add a glowing touch of brightness and color to your days. 

See the entire Mariana Penelope collection at:


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