NEW! Designer Spotlight - Patricia Locke Jewelry

Patricia Locke Jewelry

Patricia Locke Jewelry

Patricia Locke is the latest jewelry designer to be added to the Regencies family and we couldn't be happier. Her designs are colorful, inspiring, unique, and all made in the USA! Each Patricia Locke jewelry piece is more like a small work of art, and just as finely crafted.


About Patricia Locke
Among America's premier contemporary jewelry designers, Patricia Locke speaks a distinctive visual language. Her timeless designs lure us with their enigmatic blend of future and tradition, fashion and fine art. The rich imagery and fine craftsmanship are designed to bring you pleasure with every wearing.

Hallmarks of her work include her inspired asymmetry, tantalizing multi-metal combinations, and use of positive-negative space. A master of paradox, Patricia Locke jewelry is at once handsome and beautiful, organic and geometric, and contemporary with heirloom overtones.

Self-taught, Patricia Locke had never worked with her hands or taken an art class prior to undertaking what would become her life's work in jewelry design. Yet her collections are often featured in the most prominent art galleries and retailers.

Patricia Locke creates five collections annually, and each collection of earrings, pins, bracelets and necklaces exudes its own personality, with the designer's creative counterpoint playing around a given theme. Says Patricia, "Creativity is play for me." Defining characteristics emerge within her jewelry designs, such as mosaics synthesizing influences as diverse at the Arts and Crafts movement and computer technology; architectural principles informing a streamlined space odyssey of "future deco"; or complex, curvaceous forms manifest a lyrical, organic femininity. 


Craftsmanship and Care
Patricia Locke jewelry is fabricated in antiqued 24K gold or sterling silver plate over pewter, and finished with the highest quality Austrian crystals. All pieces are hypoallergenic and are handmade in the USA by artisans in her factory outside of Chicago, Illinois. Ear wires are are gold-filled or sterling silver; posts are surgical steel.

Expect some natural aging effects. Pieces are finished with a protective lacquer, so no liquids or detergents should be used in their care. For best wear, keep jewelry away from moisture and put on after any lotions, hair sprays or perfume. Pieces should be maintained with a soft, untreated jeweler's cloth with a gentle touch.


Special Orders 
Looking for a particular Patricia Locke jewelry piece? Send us an email at and we'll be glad to help you locate it. We can special order any Patricia Locke piece from current collections at no additional cost. You can customize any Patricia Locke jewelry item - you choose the color from one of several color stories, plating in your choice of antique sterling silver plate or antique 24k plate, style, length for bracelets and necklaces - to make it uniquely yours! Contact us, we love to help!

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Patricia Locke Jewelry


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