Featured Product: Catherine Popesco Enamel Flower Medallion Earrings

Catherine Popesco Enamel Flower Medallion Earrings

"If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair" - or on your ears. =) These Catherine Popesco 14k gold plated statement floral statement earrings feature hand painted enamel paired with beautiful Swarovski crystals. They are made in France from vintage French molds dating from the early 1900-1930's. These gorgeous earrings have a bit of history wrapped in their wonderfully detailed design. They capture the summer of love, beauty, and romance and you'll lose yourself in the detailing.

We currently have these Catherine Popesco Enamel Flower Medallion Earrings in stock in three colors: Classic black, Blue turquoise, and Romantic white. Priced at $64.00. 



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