A Charmed Life

I love looking at the intricate details and components of charm necklaces. Each pendant is like a piece of treasure to discover and cherish. We're currently offering a select collection of Catherine Popesco charm necklaces that feature wonderfully whimsical and distinctively old world Parisian charm. Pendants include sparkly Swarovski crystals, minature lockets, and engraved words like "oui," "amour," and "Paris." These toggle treasures are set in an antiqued 14k gold plate with beautifully beaded chains. 

Shown below (from left to right): 

  • Catherine Popesco Crystal 3 Charm Double Strand Layered Necklace, 21" 1361G Shade
  • Catherine Popesco 3 Charm Paris Oui Necklace, 19" 837G
  • Catherine Popesco Charm Amour Oui Crystal Necklace, 18.5" 821G 
  • Catherine Popesco Charm Eiffel Tower Amour Necklace, 18.5" 1014G



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