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Mariana Jewelry


About the Designer

“The love for my husband and my children fuels the endless energy I have to create my jewelry”… catch the spirit and enjoy the experience.

Born in Israel, jewelry designer Mariana has been creating unique and original pieces of jewelry since 1997. Mariana’s jewelry is famous all over the world for her wonderful Swarovski crystal jewelry. Her signature colorfulness and her flawless fusion between old and new, fabric and stone, material and spirit is visible in every one of her jewels. Her combination of stones and crystals are chosen with beauty and meaning in mind, evidence that there is a certain spiritualness in her designs. Influenced by natural elements, her jewelry is designed to spiritually uplift the wearer with good energy, and these hand-made designs combine Swarovski crystals with semi-precious stones, incorporating precise and delicate workmanship to ensure that you will treasure her work for years to come. This artful precision and passion is visible in every single one of her pieces, and is the heart and core of her artistry. 


New Collections & Wide Selection

Mariana Jewelry

Mariana introduces wonderfully creative new collections twice a year for Spring and Fall. New styles and new color combinations abound every season, making it hard not to fall in love with her jewelry time and again.

Every Mariana bracelet, necklace, and earrings are available in your choice of metal setting: silver, gold, or rose gold plated over a brass base, allowing you to customize your piece. All settings are nickel free, except gold, making it very hypoallergenic to sensitive skin. While silver is the most common and popular metal choice with its classic look, gold lends a bright and rich touch, while rose gold offers a warm glow to pieces.

Mariana Guardian Angel Necklaces

Mariana Guardian Angel Necklace

Mariana designed the Guardian Angel Collection in the spirit of belief in angels. With this belief, Mariana’s Guardian Angel pendants allow you to give the one you love the protection, guidance, and hope of an angel to watch over her every day. Every piece is hand-crafted with Swarovski crystals and is designed with love, warmth, and spiritual harmony. Mariana’s Guardian Angel Collection is sure to bring her years of enjoyment.

Each Mariana Guardian Angel pendant necklace comes with a special card that reads:

A wise person once said: "I believe in angels - that they're always hovering near, whispering encouragement whenever clouds appear, protecting us from danger and showing us the way, performing little miracles within our lives each day."

Exceptional Craftsmanship & Lifetime Guarantee
Mariana's jewelry has a lifetime guarantee, and is made with special hand cut semi-precious stones and brilliant Swarovski crystals, the finest Austrian crystal available.

It is a true testament to the quality of these pieces, that Mariana is one of the few designers today that offers a lifetime guarantee on her jewelry. She stands behind her creations, believing that quality jewelry should stand the test of time.

Every Mariana piece of jewelry comes beautifully packaged with a signature Mariana jewelry pouch and carding. Perfect for gift giving, or as a keepsake storage bag.

Care Instructions
In order to preserve your Mariana piece at its highest quality, always remove jewelry when washing hands, showering, or swimming. Do not apply/spray any perfume, hairspray, body lotions, or hair grooming products near pieces.

Mariana pieces are sterling silver plated or gold metal plated. The metal may darken or tarnish with normal wear. After wearing your jewelry, give it a gentle wipe with a soft cotton cloth. This removes the natural build-up of oils that we all have in our skin – and which would dull the jewelry if not removed. However, excessive polishing will rub off the plating and is not recommended.

To protect your Mariana jewelry from contact with other metals and moisture, store them separately in a small bag and keep out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.


Looking for a particular Mariana piece?
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  • Your jewelry makes my heart happy. ❤️

    Alice Gregory
  • Your jewelry makes my heart happy. ❤️

    Alice Gregory

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