Mariana Jewelry: Gold Coast Collection

Mariana Jewelry: Gold Coast Collection

Beautiful fall colors captured in the Mariana Gold Coast Collection

Each season brings it's own beauty and joys. We've been blessed with a wave of mild, warm weather here in California and are just starting to see the leaves turn brown and fall from their branches in earnest this November. I love seeing all the lovely red and brown trees intermingled with the evergreens. They are a sure sign that the holidays are just around the corner. 

Mariana captures all the remarkable colors of fall in her Gold Coast collection, which features a gorgeous array of pacific opal, yellow, gold metallic, chrysolite, topaz, and vitrail Swarovski crystals. When the weather turns chilly, Mariana's Gold Coast collection will be sure to keep you warm and happy.


Mariana Gold Coast Daisy Shapes BraceletMariana Gold Coast Flower Shapes Bracelet

Mariana Warm Coast Flower Shapes Necklace

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