Paradise Blues

With summer peaking its head just around the corner, my thoughts drift to warmer weather, more outdoor living, and vacation getaways. My ultimate dream is relaxing on my own private beach under a big umbrella and enjoying an afternoon siesta with a good book by my side. I look up at the beautiful blue sky painted with clouds of white, smell the crisp ocean air, and dig my toes into warm soft sand. Life is good.

With these thoughts in mind, it's no wonder that Mariana's latest crystal collection is appropriately named "Bliss," reminding me of all the beautiful blues I associate with paradise. Bliss features turquoise semi-precious stones paired with aqua blue Swarovski crystals in a classic sterling silver plated setting. 

Pair the collection with Catherine Popesco's pacific opal and aqua blue Swarovski crystal bracelets for an amazing set that brings a bit of paradise into your everyday. 

Mariana Bliss NecklaceMariana Bliss EarringsCatherine Popesco Pacific Opal BraceletCatherine Popesco Aqua Bracelet

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