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NEW! Catherine Popesco Spring/Summer Crystal Colors

Every season, Catherine Popesco releases new crystal colors that never fail to dazzle and shine. For the spring/summer collection, the ultra crystals, which have a wonderfully opalesque and iridescent quality, have been expanded to include: Ultra Artic, Ultra Blush, Ultra Coco, Ultra Mint, and Ultra Sky

These large statement pieces are bold and beautiful, and seem to glow from a fire embedded in each crystal. These are the largest crystal bracelets Catherine Popesco makes, so they are truly show stopping. Best yet, each is available with matching earrings. 

Ultra ArticUltra ArticUltra Arctic

Ultra BlushUltra BlushUltra Blush

Ultra CocoUltra CocoUltra Coco

Ultra MintUltra MintUltra Mint

Ultra SkyUltra SkyUltra Sky

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