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Liz Palacios Earrings

Liz Palacios Earrings


Back when first launched in 2004, the very first item we sold was a pair of Liz Palacios earrings. Fast forward at what seems like warp speed into 2016, we are still selling Liz Palacios earrings! Liz Palacios was one of the first designers we ever carried because they were beautifully designed Swarovski jewelry that was well crafted using the highest quality crystals and very affordably priced to fit any budget. Liz Palacios continues that tradition of old world craftsmanship and is still entirely handmade in the USA.


Liz Palacios
San Francisco based designer Liz Palacios has been creating the most gorgeous Swarovski crystal jewelry since 1987. Liz is a self made and self taught Latina artist who began her career as a small entrepreneur with big dreams selling her hand crafted jewelry at a stand alone booth on the streets of San Francisco. From such humble beginnings, Liz Palacios has grown into a household name for beautifully crafted Swarovski jewelry that has a wonderfully old world charm. 

The eldest of three sisters, Liz Palacios was born in New York City to a family of Colombian immigrants. She developed an interest in antique jewelry at the age of 18, acquiring pieces throughout the years as a hobby. In 1987, this interest in antique jewelry inspired Liz to launch a business based on her personal passion. 


USA Made Since 1987
Liz Palacios Jewelry is proudly made in the USA. Pieces are handcrafted by experienced artisans in San Francisco, California, where production is carefully monitored for superb quality.


Liz Palacios jewelry is made with Swarovski elements, semi-precious stones that vary seasonally, freshwater pearls, and/or hand-painted enamel. All jewelry is nickel free. Pieces are available in three different metal settings.

Antique Gold: Brass with an antique finish

Gold: 14K gold plated brass

Silver: Sterling silver plated brass with an antique finish


Timeless Style - Contemporary Appeal
Whether dressed in elegant evening wear, a classic business suit or simply jeans and a t-shirt, Liz Palacios Designs creates a timeless, vintage inspired fashion statement infused with contemporary styling. Her pieces blend old with new, making for a distinctive and classic appeal that is truly timeless. Trends come and go, but Liz Palacios jewelry are staple pieces that never go out of style.


Lifetime Guarantee
Every Liz Palacios design is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Pieces are not only handcrafted using the highest quality Swarovski and manufacturing practices, they are designed as heirloom jewelry that can be passed down for generations. 


Things to Live By
"Dream, have goals, be optimistic and reach for the stars. Take each experience in life, whether good or bad, as a stepping stone to the next path. We learn and grow by success and failure." - Liz Palacios


Liz Palacios JewelryLiz Palacios Jewelry

Liz Palacios JewelryLiz Palacios Jewelry

Liz Palacios EarringsLiz Palacios Jewelry


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