Sneak Peak at Mariana's 2016 Autumn/Winter Songbook Collection

Mariana 2016 Songbook Collection

Mariana's 2016 Autumn/Winter Songbook Collection is expected to be available starting in late July to early August, but I thought I'd share a sneak peak into the latest collection, which is nothing less than gorgeous as always. Mariana is a master of mixing Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones into truly unique and fabulous new designs. She designs an average of 10 impressive new colorways each collection, and releases collections twice a year. I am constantly amazed how she creates so many incredible new colors and designs each time. She speaks the language of color, and the results are magical. Whatever the occasion, Mariana has the right jewels for it!

Photo credits go to Mariana's Australian site:

If there is any piece or colorway you are interested in pre-ordering, please feel free to contact us at and we'll be happy to special order it for you. There is no charge for this service, but there is an approx. lead time of 6-8 weeks as everything is custom made in Israel. We promise that it is well worth the wait. 


The Mariana 2016 Fall/Winter Songbook Collection will include:

Mariana 2016 Songbook Collection - Afternoon Delight

Mariana Jewelry - Afternoon Delight #2333:
Soft and feminine, Mariana's new "Afternoon Delight" collection blends beauty with serenity with its soothing Swarovski crystals colors in rosewater opal, white opal, light peach, and light colorado topaz.


Mariana 2016 Songbook Collection Bohemian Rhapsody

Mariana Jewelry - Bohemian Rhapsody #1072:
Bold and beautiful, Mariana's "Bohemian Rhapsody" features a variety of purple Swarovski crystals in Amethyst, Light Amethyst, Sand Opal, Cyclamen Opal, Purple Cat eye and Lilac Shadow.


Mariana 2016 Songbook Collection Kiss From a Rose #1068

Mariana Jewelry - Kiss From a Rose #1068:
Rich blues abound in Mariana's "Kiss From a Rose" collection, which includes a myriad of vibrant blues in royal jewel tones and pink rose Swarovski crystals. A truly seductive color way!


Mariana 2016 Songbook Collection Mood Indigo #1069Mariana 2016 Songbook Collection Mood Indigo #1069

Mariana Jewelry - Mood Indigo #1069:
A soothing dark blue colorway, Mariana's "Mood Indigo" includes Dark Montana Blue and White Opal Swarovski Crystals. Looks perfectly paired with crisp white tops and blue jeans or equally stunning with a formal dress and everything in between!  The colors are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. 


Mariana 2016 Songbook Collection Moondance

Mariana Jewelry - Moon Dance #MOL361:
Sparkling like fine champagne, Mariana's "Moondance" collection is a truly decadent colorway that features light peach and azure blue Swarovski crystals. Glamour and shine combine for a look that is designed to dazzle.


 Mariana 2016 Songbook Collection Lady In Red

Mariana Jewelry - Lady In Red #1070:
Sexiness just oozes from Mariana's dramatic "Lady in Red" colorway, which includes deep red Swarovski colors in rich, vibrant tones. Sometimes one piece can transform the way you feel, and Mariana's "Lady in Red" jewelry was designed to instantly add a hint of mystery and seductiveness to your mood.


Mariana 2016 Songbook Collection Lady Marmalade

Mariana Jewelry - Lady Marmalade #1075:
If you love warm colors, you'll love Mariana's "Lady Marmalade" collection with its Swarovski mix of Hyacinth Orange, Fuchsia, Hyacinth Orange AB and Orange Cat Eye. 

Mariana Live in Color

As with every new Mariana Jewelry collection release, there is a strong emphasis on color, which is no surprise that Mariana recently officially launched her new logo design titled "Mariana - Live in Color". Formerly, the logo was "Mariana - Spirit of Design".

In an official letter from Mariana's headquarters in Israel, the company stated that:

"Over the last several years, Mariana has explored different aspects of color, symbolism and design in her jewelry and this new logo reflects what she holds dear. 

Mariana has recently been quoted saying:

"There are no neutral colors. Every color can make a statement about who we are and what we are feeling." - Mariana

We hope that you, our loyal fans are as excited as we are about the evolution of the brand and that it shows the heritage and longevity of the Mariana brand. This new logo will begin to be featured with the fall 2016 collection Songbook."

You may have also noticed that Mariana's signature packaging also has the new logo as we transition into a new era for this brand that never fails to make you feel beautiful. 

I hope this preview of what's to come from Mariana excites you with all the wondrous designs ahead. Stay tuned as the collections start coming in!


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