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Wakami Bracelets

Wakami was born from a dream of sharing positivity and creating meaningful change. It was established with the sole mission to create income-generating opportunities that transform the lives of people in rural villages of Guatemala. Each Wakami piece is handcrafted with care by women in rural villages of Guatemala, which provides a sustainable income that improves the lives of their families and communities through access to clean water, housing, nutrition, and education.

Fair Trade
Wakami is a recognized World Fair Trade Organization brand. Fair Trade is a tangible contribution to the fight against poverty by delivering sustainable livelihoods to people in developing countries.

“Wakami is a Mayan word which means ‘it already is,’” says founder Maria Pacheco. To the people at Wakami it means that Pacheco’s serene dream for the world already exists and “we just have to find a gate into it.”

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