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Adajio Jewelry

Adajio by Sienna Sky - Made in the USA
Adajio is designed by Colorado artist Barbara MacCambridge. Inspired by a diversity of imagery -- from ancient art of the Americas to contemporary African, Asian and European motifs -- Barbara’s interest in color and texture infuses each item in the collection with a unique visual appeal. Adajio items are etched, then embellished by hand with a special proprietary process that adds color and interest to each piece. Earrings are completed with gold-filled or sterling ear wires, as well as glass, metal and crystal beads. The resulting jewelry is not only unique and colorful, but also lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

All shaping, coloring and finishing are done by hand in her Colorado studio, USA. Barbara believed jewelry is a very personal art form, one that reflects our individuality. Her passion is to design pieces that emphasize the wearer's unique personality. She hopes her whimsical, colorful creations bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart!

Care and Cleaning
Use a soft silver polishing cloth to gently rub tarnish away and restore shine to sterling silver. Avoid rubbing the cloth against the beads or colored surfaces, as the cleaning solutions may cause dulling and/or discoloration.Colored surfaces should be kept dry. Avoid contact with alcohol or other solutions as color may be affected and/or removed. Hairspray will dull metallic surfaces.

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